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Behind KRNL: Catie Archambeau, Fashion Editor

Every KRNL reader has a favorite fashion shoot or lookbook that we've put out over the years. Fashion makes up a large part of what KRNL is today; it's an outlet for self-expression and a medium for creativity... it's an art! A lot goes into planning and executing each fashion shoot we produce, from reaching out to vendors for clothes and accessories to recruiting the models to styling them. We have an incredible team of stylists and fashion lovers lead by a talented individual who - as cliché as it might sound - truly has a passion for fashion. Meet our stylish and hard-working fashion editor: Catie Archambeau!

Introduce yourself!

Hi everyone! My name is Catie Archambeau, I’m a rising senior at UK studying fashion merchandising and digital media and design. I am currently the fashion editor for KRNL.

How did you first get involved with KRNL?

I’ve actually had the opportunity to work with KRNL starting my freshman year. I began as a blog writer and model for the fall 2018 magazine. It is seriously so cool to see how much KRNL has transformed and changed since then. We have grown as a team of creatives and you can really tell when flipping through our past issues. My sophomore year I continued writing blogs and then became one of the stylists on the fashion team. Moving up from there, last year I was the lead stylist and then assistant fashion editor and now am the current fashion editor.

What's your favorite part about getting involved with KRNL?

There are so many favorites about working with KRNL; really, it is hard to choose just one! The first would definitely have to be the creative freedom and experience it has offered me. I genuinely think I’ve learned more, both about myself and my career goals, through KRNL than anything else throughout my college experience. I have grown as a creator and realized what my passions and goals are in the fashion community. Next, the people! It is extremely refreshing meeting people that have a similar drive and passion as you do. We truly operate as a family-styled team and I am so thankful for the relationships I’ve created through this organization.

Do you have a favorite memory during your time with KRNL that stands out to you?

Again, so many! Photoshoot days are always my favorite because it is inspiring to see our work come to life and the atmosphere is always so high energy. Launch days have the same energy and seeing the finished product and sharing it with our friends, family and campus makes it all worth it. One memory I’ll think of forever is during summer 2020, amidst the pandemic life, a group of us were able to get together in Louisville (safely and socially distanced) to do a summer lookbook. The turnout was amazing, but what I'll cherish is being able to create something with the team during such a hard time in our lives.

What other interests/hobbies do you have outside of KRNL?

Most of my interests align with the fashion world; it is pretty much what I’ve been good at since I was little. I love to style outfits, create mood boards and so on. Besides that, I love to hang out with my friends and my dog Oat, drink three iced coffees a day and upcycle my clothing.

What is your favorite place you've ever traveled to?

I have been fortunate to see and experience a lot of places. I’m currently living in New York City for an internship and I feel like I was born to live here. Besides NYC, two of my favorite travel experiences would have to be Mykonos in Greece and London, United Kingdom. Both those spots I hold extremely close to my heart from experiences and memories I made there.

Who are some of your fashion/lifestyle inspirations? In other words, who do you look up to?

If you follow me on socials, it is clear that SJP, or as many know her as Carrie Bradshaw, is my forever inspiration. 14-year-old me watching "Sex and the City" pretty much would have said she raised me. Now that I’m working in PR in the city, I actually wrote her a celebrity gifting letter on my first day and couldn’t stop smiling all day. A couple brands that inspire me and I look up to include Jacquemus, Jonathan Adler and Orseund Iris.

What are you looking forward to this year regarding KRNL as our newest fashion editor?

I am so excited to have the opportunity to take over as fashion editor. I have a lot of exciting plans for the stylist team to get more involved and put out a lot of personalized content on KRNL socials. Along with styling for the magazine and lookbooks, I want the team to be able to boost their personal style across our account and share it with the campus community!

Plug your socials!

You can find me on Instagram @catie.a and TikTok @catie.arch. Be sure to check out my "Summer in the City" playlist on the KRNL Spotify!


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