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A Vibey Study Sesh Playlist

For most of us, midterms are almost here. Midterms are weird because they're important, but also hard to figure out, because I still feel like I am still getting into the swing of things.

With that being said, one factor that helps me stay motivated for getting through tough exams is music.

I get very distracted while studying and doing homework; it is hard for me to stay focused. However, curating a study playlist has really helped me stay on track while completing a task for school. I have always listened to music while performing work, but it was never to a playlist, I would just click shuffle and listen to all types of music. I realized though, that although rap music pumps me up for a workout or a drive with my friends, it can be distracting for when I want to focus. Now, not everyone has the same preference for what they listen to when they study, but I am going to list 10 songs from my study playlist that I think a lot you readers need to add your music library to listen to in times of need.

"Find Someone Like You" - Snoh Aalegra

The first song is off of an album that I cannot seem to stop listening to. This song is by Snoh Aalegra. Every song on her album Ugh, those feels again, is pretty much on my study playlist. This song just happens to have a calming beat that keeps me motivated. Her voice is so soothing. It is very pure and soft to where it reminds me of Alicia Keys mixed with Amy Winehouse. Her style is soul combined with R&B which is the perfect combination for a “study” song.

"Playing Games" (Extended Version ft. Bryson Tiller) - Summer Walker

Summer Walker is dominating the R&B industry right now. This song has been out for a while, but the extended version with Bryson Tiller just came out recently on her new album Over It. Any Bryson Tiller feature is bound to create a fire song. This song sounds like it was meant to be played off of a record player. She is also an artist I turn to for many of my study songs because they still have beats and rhythm, but also a calming tone. “Session 32” is another good song of hers as well.

"Say It" - Maggie Rogers

Maggie Rogers, an up-and-coming, folk artist with an EDM twist, produces the most fabulous songs for a moment when you want to feel happy and inspired. This song is sad; however, it has such a strong beat in the chorus, that you find yourself dancing or moving every time. I do not know how she makes sad songs sound so happy, but it is the most flawless combination for my playlist. Also, she was discovered by Pharell Williams at NYU, so really none of her music can be bad.

"Oh, What a World" - Kacey Musgraves

At this point, you were probably wondering when Kacey Musgraves was going to appear on the list. Her music encompasses tranquility and stillness which is exactly what I hear and see in this song. A song like this will push you to keep typing that English paper. It puts your life into perspective which can be kind of inspiring in a way.

"PCH" - Jaden

I discovered this song on ZaZa Radio on Apple Music. A lot of the songs on my study playlist I find from this radio station hosted by Kendall Jenner and Daniel Chetrit because they are all songs that I would not have discovered otherwise. This song was played because Jaden Smith is not only a friend of Kendall Jenner but because the sound that comes from this song is truly amazing. Willow Smith is featured on the song where she provides the astounding vocals and her brother Jaden provides the steady rap verses. Although there is rap in this song, it is not the type of rap that has meaningless lyrics. If I have a rap song on my study playlist, there is going to be meaning behind the lyrics in the song. That is why I really like this song for a “vibing” moment.

"Rain" - Jack Harlow

Jack Harlow, a Louisville native, recently dropped his new album Confetti. “Rain” is one of my favorite songs off of the album because of not only the lyrics, but also the background music where the beat is combined with Trey Songz’s song “I Invented Sex.” It gives the slowness more “upbeatness” in a sense. Definitely check out this whole album because Jack really came through with this one; there is a song for everyone.

"Come Together" - Chris Brown ft. H.E.R.

Whether you like Chris Brown or not, this song just makes you nod your head especially when H.E.R starts singing. This song is truly a “vibe.” There are so many songs on this album to choose from, so having some guidance from outside sources to which ones to listen to always helps. This is why I added it to this list so that you all can give it a listen.

"Jaded" - Drake

I could never forget this song for my study playlist. This is by far one of my favorite Drake songs and favorite songs in general. The beat in this song goes crazy hard and his vocals are insane in it. If you have really nice headphones this song will sound perfect. Even if you are not studying, please drive to this song on full blast with the windows down -corny, I know, but it will give you goosebumps y’all.

"Show Me Love" - Alicia Keys ft. Miguel

I do not know why these two talented artists waited this long to duet together. This song was released recently and let me tell you - it is everything you would expect and more. Like a lot of the songs on my playlist, this one makes you feel. From the acoustic sound to the effortless voices, this song is a win.

These are not all my songs on my study playlist; trust me there is a lot more. Some other artists that I vibe to when I am trying to stay focused are Frank Ocean, Bryson Tiller, Daniel Caesar, SZA, Teyana Taylor, and so many more. Go check out the rest of my playlist on Apple Music under the name Dave Porter (not my name, it is my dad's). Good luck with midterms!


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