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6 Must-Watch Throwbacks on Netflix

Opening up Netflix over the past week, I have been surprised to see such awesome movies as I scroll through the lists. I appreciate Netflix for providing classic movies from the ’80s and ’90s….ones that I know my parents grew up on and ones I wish I did. I’ve added so many to my watch list, but here are 6 movies that I’m most excited to share.

A story of softening hearts and breaking down walls, a gifted young man, Will, comes to find that he can learn a lot about life from his therapist, Sean.

Teenage struggles of love are portrayed in this coming-of-age classic. The choice between two boys, who are on opposite sides of the social hierarchy, is the big question facing not-so-popular girl in school Andie.

If you love the crime investigation documentaries that have made their way to Netflix recently, you’ll probably enjoy this chilling film of Hannibal Lecter. This is a definite next watch for me.

Reminiscing on my own sixteenth birthday, it definitely didn’t go the way I expected. The same goes for Samantha on her big day. This story is must-watch for anyone!

Jim Carrey stars in this comedy of an insurance salesman whose life is actually a reality TV show. If you’re looking for a laugh, I hope you find one with this Oscar-nominated film.

So I’ve never seen this one, but I know it’s filled with action and crime, perfect for those who are looking for some true grit. The storyline involves gangsters, hit men, a boxer, and bandits...and I’m sure it’s intense.

If you decide to watch any of these and end up finding your new favorite film, don’t thank me, thank Netflix for giving the 21st century some good throwbacks.

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