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5 Ways To Decorate Your Apartment For Spring

Spring is near, and it’s time to brighten things up a bit! We all know that winter can be a drag and sometimes somber due to the lack of sunshine, but spring is coming, and your apartment should reflect the cheerful times ahead. Here are some ways your apartment can add to the upcoming season.

1. Get A New Throw Blanket It’s time that you get rid of that wool throw blanket that’s across your bed and replace it with something. Get rid of all those thick blankets, toss them in in storage and add a blanket that has a bright pop of color or a floral pattern to it.

2. Add Plants Or Flowers When we think of spring, don’t we picture ice melting and flowers blooming? Show that by adding some flowers to your apartment. You can find these simple items very cheap at many home good stores, whether they’re real or fake. If you’re not into flowers, and you don’t carry around a green thumb, try out some plants. There is plenty that is easy-to-care-for.

3. Scents Spring should be in the air, literally. If you decide to not open your windows, you need to start shopping around in the scents department. Add some essential oils, scented candles to your place to help ease your mind as you relax.

4. Color This can mean with anything. If you have plates set out for décor, switch them for some brighter or patterned ones. Put some fun throw pillows on your couches. Change out picture frames. It could also be as simple as buying livelier doormats for outside your apartment or getting spring-like kitchen dish towels.

5. Declutter Nothing says spring like spring cleaning. You’ll feel much better when you can start a new season off bare and ready to replenish. This goes for donating old clothes, getting rid of books you don’t read anymore or just restarting with your bedroom décor altogether.


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