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5 Traveling Must Haves​

You’re traveling thousands of miles, taking continuous rights and lefts, even traveling over a whole ocean! What do you need to survive an international adventure?

Forget packing the things you think you will need in case the worst possible scenario happens because it won’t I promise. Let’s think about what makes your day to day life easier or what you cannot imagine living without, and do not forget things that are light and easy to pack. If you pack too heavy you will end up having a screaming match in the middle of a Parisian subway with your mom in front of a giggling homeless man because you cannot lift your bag up the stairs. Yes, that was me.

You definitely need an international outlet adapter. It is a must. You will be sorry if you do not buy one of these beforehand. Also, make sure to buy one with that is compatible with all possible outlets, because you never know what crazy little thing will be on the wall when you walk into a hotel room.

You need hair ties. All the hair ties. I mean, it would not hurt to buy a whole new pack because you will need it. You will need to wash your face twice a day. Maybe you will be ambitious enough to workout, maybe instead you will be breaking a sweat with all the sightseeing you will be doing. Taking in the sights can be a sweaty task.

Another necessity you cannot have enough of is socks and underwear. I mean seriously having too much will never hurt, but not having enough would be painful. These items also do not take up a lot of space in your bag so stock up.

To make traveling easier, I would recommend bringing a plastic bag along with you, it makes throwing your dirty clothes in your bag way easier. No need to refold and repack every time you try to get something out of your bag, and no need to mix your clean and dirty clothes. When you return home from traveling the world just throw your dirty clothes bag straight into your hamper or washer and there is one last thing to worry about.

Finally, some good tennis shoes would be great for your trip. You will be going nonstop every day of your trip trying to see as much as possible and you will not have time to fuss with shoes that kill your feet. I mean some trendy or fashionable tennis shoes would bring you great Instagram pictures and happy feet at the end of the day.

Now it is time to get out and see the world one comfortable step at a time, hair tie included!


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