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5 Bands/Artists You Should Listen To

Trying to find one specific genre that your favorite music falls into can be hard. I like listening to different genres with different moods. What I like about music is its versatility, uniqueness and ability to create emotion within someone. The beauty of music is that it combines lyrics with instruments of different notes and feelings and vocals that convey emotion.

All of these bands/artists that I have chosen are quite good at making the listener feel something and enjoy what they are hearing. The fact that they are from different genres means nothing besides how they are classified; all of them are equally interesting, fun to listen to, and create emotional attachment.

1. The Band CAMINO

I discovered The Band CAMINO last summer through my friend. Immediately, when I heard the lead singers' voices and the beautiful alternative rock melodies, I was encapsulated by a sense of familiarity even though I had never heard their music before. My all-time favorite song is called "See Through" off of their album titled "tryhard." They have many great songs off of that album like "Farsighted" and "Daphne Blue," my other favorites.

I can confidently say that every single The Band CAMINO song is good, if not great or fantastic. Some songs are slower and explicitly deeper than the others where you have to really listen to the lyrics to understand the singer's emotions. The Band CAMINO knows just how to combine heartfelt lyrics about heartbreak with rock and upbeat tempos.


LANY is currently one of my favorite bands. Their genre is more indie and dream-pop, evident in their soft melodies, piano chords and the beautiful voice of frontman Paul Klein. Their third album will be released in early October and is titled "mama’s boy" as a tribute to the band’s heritage and how they were raised. My all-time favorite song of theirs is "If You See Her" off of their second album, "Malibu Nights" which came out in 2018.

Some other notable songs of theirs include "good guys" and "you!" both off of their newest album and "The Breakup" and "ILYSB" off of their self-titled album. LANY taps into heartbreak in a delicate and raw way. I like to say that their music is the kind I would play while driving in California during the sunset. Their music as a whole is beautiful and I honestly like every song.

3. King Princess

You’ve probably heard "1950" by King Princess, a single she released in 2018. I hadn’t explored much of her music until recently and was entranced by her soft voice and flowing melodic tunes. The sapphic singer-songwriter explores topics within her songs like queer love, emotional heartbreak and ethereal divinity. Her EP, "Make My Bed," was largely successful as was her first album, "Cheap Queen."

"Talia," in my opinion, is her best song and one of her most emotional and heartbreaking. Some others I love are "Holy" and "Ain’t Together." Her indie-pop hits also have beautiful lyricism such as "Homegirl" with stunning lyrics like, “You taste like danger but I feel so safe in your arms.”

4. Neck Deep

Welsh pop-punk band Neck Deep first gained traction back in 2012 and has debuted three EPs and four albums. Their most recent album, "All Distortions are Intentional," came out in July of this year. The band’s music is something you can jam along to, headbang to and cry to. Their lyrics are sensational and memorable, especially in songs like "In Bloom" and "19 Seventy Sumthin'."

"19 Seventy Sumthin’" features the story of vocalist Ben Barlow’s parents’ love and marriage and his father’s eventual passing. The song starts off cheery but takes a turn for heartbreak, conveyed in the change through the strain in Barlow’s voice and tone and tempo. It’s an incredible song and a must-listen for sure.

5. Simple Creatures

A good friend of mine introduced me to Simple Creatures, comprised of Mark Hoppus of blink-182 and Alex Garskarth of All Time Low. Their sound was familiar to me because of the vocals of Hoppus and Garskarth, but I quickly realized that Simple Creatures has a different sound than both of their other bands and involves more pop in the punk of it.

They’ve released two EPs titled "Strange Love" and "Everything Opposite." My favorite songs off of "Strange Love" are "Drug" and "Strange Love," two upbeat pop songs that make me full of adrenaline, which is coincidentally the name of another song on the EP. "Adrenaline" features a catchy guitar riff and some rocking lyrics from both Hoppus and Garskarth. I definitely recommend listening to these songs if you’re going to check out the band.


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